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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 4, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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nixon library. that is the story of witness, w, march 4th. 2020. bret baier and i will host a democracy 2020 town hall. big night we will be with president trump tomorrow night live in scranton, pennsylvania. have a good night, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." as of right now, joe biden is the strong frontrunner for the democratic presidential nomination. almost nobody saw that coming. we certainly didn't. and we apologize for that. again and again we told you joe biden would never be the democratic nominee. we were wrong. how did we screw that up? mostly because we don't think like democrats think. the republican party is a coalition of business interests and conservative idealogues. at its core it's about ideas. the constitution, the free market, the basic principles of western civilization.
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democratic party don't fixate on ideas their base is a constellation of aggrieved interest groups hostility to traditional americans. may not have much in common but united in their desire to take power and redistribute the spoils to themselves. to achieve that democrats know they must stick together, no matter what. group cohesion is the root of their power. on this show we didn't see it that way. we looked at the democratic primary field from the outside and we thought the obvious, is this party really going to nominate a guy with no program, no core beliefs and by the way who has clearly lost it? and the answer we learned last night is, of course they are. and why wouldn't they? it might work. but, hold on, you are probably wondering the most basic question of all. if elected president do joe biden really oversee this complex nation of 320 million people? judge for yourself. here is biden's victory speech from last night in which he mistook his wife of 43 years for his sister. >> they don't call super tuesday
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for nothing. [cheers] by the way, this is my little sister valerie and i'm jill's husband. oh, no. this is -- oh, you switched on me. this is my wife. this is my sister. they switched on me. >> tucker: so apparently some practical joker hid his wife from him. cruel. as a mart friend said last night joe biden has trying to succeed in presidential politics. and he has. too bad he is not there to enjoy it. pretty funny. to the cynical and darkly clever people biden's fading intellect is not a handicap. an opportunity. joe biden is weak and is he getting weaker. ask anyone who knows him or who has watched him carefully over the past 50 years. biden is noticeably more confused now than he was last spring when he entered the race. why is this good news for the democratic establishment in washington? well, because it means they can control him. that's one reason the other candidates were so eager to swing in behind biden the instant he won a state.
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>> i am ending my campaign and endorsing joe biden for president. [cheers and applause] >> i'm uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. and after yesterday's vote, it is clear that candidate is my friend and a great american, joe biden. [cheers and applause] >> i'm delighted to endorse and support joe biden for president. >> [cheers and applause] >> i will be casting my ballot for joe biden. [cheers and applause] >> tucker: it wasn't just democrats who jumped on board. the entire so-called resistance, angry former republicans got in immediately, bill crystal anna navarro, jennifer rubin that weird little guy jeb bush's spokesman in 2016. they were all thrilled by biden's rise. they know biden will green light pointless wars no questions asked. because the day couldn't get more predictable and hilarious, james comey himself sent a supportive tweet, quote: voted
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in first democratic primary to support a party dedicated to restoring values in the white house. i agree with amy klobuchar, we need candidates who care about all americans and will restore decency, dignity to the office. there is a reason trump fears joe biden and roots for bernie, #biden 2020. all of these people are happy for the same reason. joe biden is fading and uncertain. weak leaders are vessels for the stronger forces around them and no force in american politics is stronger, more aggressive or better organized than the narrow little interest groups that comprise the democratic coalition. there's a reason governor ralph northam of virginia swung so far from the center after he was caught wearing clan robes. he was badly wounded by that on the brink of resigning. democratic interest groups swooped in and took control of his administration. now the northam administration looks nothing like it once did. they are in charge. as if on cue, one of the first things joe biden did after
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winning the south carolina primary on saturday was pledge to put beto o'rourke in charge of his gun gentlemen,. [speaking spanish] joe biden. >> i want to make something clear, i'm going to guarantee this is not the last you are going to see this guy. i will take care of the gun problem with me. you will be the one who leads this effort. i'm counting on you. >> tucker: beto is, quote, going to take care of the gun problem. how is beto going to do that? o'rourke has promised to seize the rifles of law abiding americans by force with armed federal agents if necessary. that wasn't a throw away line. he said it repeatedly. that is the most extreme position on gun control ever articulated in american politics. it's now joe biden's position because it's the position of the powerful democratic interest groups that control him. in other words, don't expect a biden presidency to be moderate.
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not because joe biden himself is some child eyed extremist. he is a daughterring old man who grins a lot. biden is will malleable. whatever surroundings finds himself in like inciden incident celebrate. like old colonel sanders give him a white suit and string tie. >> if democrats nominate me, i believe i believe we can beat donald trump. >> tucker: we can beat donald trump. that's how they talk in delaware. what you are looking at is a man willing to say virtually anything. hard eyed extremist in the party will use biden as their instrument on the first day. not just on guns on every issue. immigration, healthcare, taxes, judges, esoteric social issues so bizarre you didn't know they existed. joe biden is 77 years old. if elected, he would be 78 on inauguration day. that's almost 10 years older
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than ronald reagan was when he in biden is acutely aware of this. that's why he is always talking about pushups and challenging other men that insecurity makesn susceptible to the worst people in democratic politics. now, you may be afraid of the 28-year-old nihilist trying to reorder american society and you should be. but joe biden is absolutely terrified of them. he doesn't understand exactly what they are saying but he knows they are the future and he is not. and for that reason he is willing to do whatever they ask. you can expect transgendered is a moneys week to become a federal holiday in first term and a whole lot more after that. biden doesn't care about the details of policy. he doesn't know the difference. he just doesn't want to fall behind. what are the political lessons of what happened last night? well, the first is of the democratic establishment is far stronger than the republican establishment. not to mention far bigger. it's in a different category from what the right has. it extends far beyond four cable news shows, a cluster of d.c.
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think tanks and a few low circulation magazines. we are almost through the first term of the trump administration and democrats still operate virtually every lever in of power in this country. they control finance, big business, the tech sector, the news media, of course, academia, the vast federal bureaucracy and we are including in that, unfortunately, the pentagon and the intelligence and law enforcement agencies. every power center in america is a raid against donald trump and we would add to that list the government of communist china which would badly like to return to the compliant american leadership of yesterday. all of these groups will be working tirelessly for joe biden. they will use whatever tools they possess. some of them public, many not. above all, they will have the media which needless to say is already playing its prescribed role. >> what a night it's been for joe biden. what a race it's been. i took a nap because i knew i would be up late and i woke up
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and i thought i was still dreaming. >> tucker: it was like a dream. like a dream. like a beautiful dream. by november they will be telling that you joe biden is an internationally ranked chess champion who can cure baldness. many people will believe them because that's the thing about propaganda. it works. that's why they do it. republicans should be very concerned about this. look at the democratic turnout numbers from last night they were historic. some places seem to defy physics. a lot of infuriated democrats not in the mood to compromise. they are apt to believe anything including that joe biden can beat satan and solve personal problems. don't expect bernie sanders to stand in the way of joe biden not for long. sanders plays the maverick but pretty clear he doesn't have the stomach to buck his own party. hillary clinton rigged the dnc four years ago. gain campaigned for her when she
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inevitably won the nomination. just today hours after he lost his final chance at the white house, sanders refused to call joe biden what he is, a corporate shill tasked with dragging the party back to 2009. instead, sanders went out of his way to praise the long-time puppet of the credit card companies as a man of high character. >> and i like joe. joe is a decent guy, and i do not want this campaign to degenerate into a trump-type epic where we are attacking each other and personal attacks. that is the last thing this country wants. >> tucker: yeah, that's not how you get elected president and it doesn't look like bernie will be elected president. like so many true believers, sanders is more comfortable losing than winning. it's hard to imagine throwing a scene at the milwaukee convention to prevent the obama restoration which is what this is. with bloomberg out and warren humiliated there is nothing left in american politics to stop joe biden's assent to the democratic nomination. and domination of the party. so get ready for joe biden. is he more threatening than he
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looks. we will have a lot more on super tuesday ahead in the 2020 race. that's throughout the hour. first, we will look at michael bloomberg. was his crushing defeat on tuesday the end? was it expected or was it just part of the plan a diabolical plan from the very beginning? we will tell you. also, a major company is apparently forcing its american employees to train people overseas to replace them on their jobs. we sent a producer and a camera crew to investigate what we found will shock you. ♪
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>> tucker: just a week ago joe
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biden's campaign looked over. dead. morbid. pick a cinnamon. now joe biden looks like the presumptive nominee. is the democratic race already over and if so how exactly did that happen in one day. don peebles is the democratic donor and founder of the foundation. thanks for coming on. have you joined us a couple of times recently to express your concern about the rise of bernie sanders. now that rise seems to have been arrested by joe biden. are you happy about this, a, and, b, how exactly did this happen seemingly out of nowhere? >> well, yeah, i'm happy about it because i certainly don't want to see our party and see the country head towards a socialistic form of democracy, which i don't know what that would be. amend i'm not surprised about where things are i'm surprised biden won texas. i thought that biden after south carolina was going to have a pretty solid super tuesday. and i think things are just back to where they were in the beginning and the beginning joe
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biden was a presumptive nominee and now he is back to that place and you are going to have sanders nibbling at his heels but is he going to get kicked in the face a bunch of times. >> tucker: those sanders' voters and it's hard to know, i guess we can take the vote totals from yesterday as approximation but there are many millions of them and i assume many will get behind joe biden. but some probably won't. is that a problem for democrats? i think it can be. and how the democrats handle that is going to be very significant. because, look, sanders has done well. he won several states last night. california is going to be a democratic strong hold so i don't think that's an issue. i think his supporters in texas would be a real concern about whether they move over to whether they move over to joe biden or not. joe biden has always been the best democratic candidate against trump because he is more centrist and he has the ability to compete in places like ohio and pennsylvania and michigan. i think michigan is going to be
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a big tell, i mean, you know, sanders did real well in michigan against clinton. so, how biden does in michigan is going to be very important. and we are going to find that out real soon. the democrats do need to be concerned. because i think trump is going to have a lot of energy on his side of the ledger in terms of his voting base. and the question is are people going to get -- go ahead. >> tucker: right. are they -- i think those are all fair questions. and biden doing well in the upper midwest, for example or pennsylvania, that's always been the appeal of biden is that they could play in those states and win. why do you think he announced that beto o'rourke, ohio think it's fair to say probably hated in those states for his position on guns, those are states where a lot of democrats own guns and deer hunt, for example. he says beto o'rourke, the guy who is going to send federal agents to your house to take your deer rifle away that guy is in charge of his gun policy? why we say that? >> i think he was shooting from the hip, probably sorry that he said it. got caught up in the moment. and certainly he wants to do
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well in texas. and he needed to win the primary in texas yonk there is a pathway to the presidency. without upsetting texas or ohio. i think florida may be out of reach for democrats right now. i mean, florida has had a republican governor for 20 state years and desantis will be at the end of his term 24 years. i think florida is a tough place for them. they have got to figure out how to work the math to be able to win. >> tucker: yeah. a lot of people who have seen the mess the left made of the northeast have moved to florida, i have noticed. mr. peebles, thank you so much for joining us tonight. good to see you. >> good to see you, thank you. >> tucker: michael bloomberg spent $500 million an in the end he was humiliated on the debate stage. he apologized for his best policies as mayor of new york and he lost everywhere yesterday except in american samoa. by any measure, his performance looked like an epic political humiliation maybe the most
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profound of all time and the most deserved. art thinks something else. on the show a lot. a attorney and rainbow coalition says the failed campaign all part of his master plan. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: before we commence laughing at mayor bloomberg, explain why this was all part of the plan. >> well, we talk about 500 million. mayor bloomberg has $60 billion. that is 1/20th of his network like me losing $20 on the subway to mayor bloomberg. also understand what mayor bloomberg was able to do is to do what party bosses used to do. which is step in, fill the void, ensure that the establishment has a candidate. he got into the race right when elizabeth warren started rising. when it looked like joe biden would not be able to continue in the race. campaign finance laws now do not
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allow just mega donors to come in and take over elections anymore. and so the best way for him to influence the election was to declare as a candidate. i don't think so he ever had an intention of winning. if you look at the what candidates do to win, you get in early. you go to the early states. you knock on doors. you build an infrastructure. even when we have had mega bucks candidates before, whether it was steve forbes or if it was mitt romney or even donald trump, they spent the time to build the infrastructure needed to win an actual campaign. what bloomberg did was drive up ad costs to ensure that he would be the only one on air. >> tucker: okay. but, i mean, leaving aside the anti- -- small d democratic implications of this making it hard nor other legitimate candidates to advertise on tv is not good for democracy is it good for america to hand $500 million to the worst people in this country which are, i think we both agree are political consultants. he just made a bunch of people who are already rich who are mostly kind of bad people even
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richer. how does that make america better, honestly? >> well, i think what we see is after citizens united, after all the money that's been poured into american politics, our congress is going to have to act to limit the ability of wealthy individuals and corporations to try to buy our democracy. as i am someone like a cory booker or kamala harris looking at tom steyer still being in the final four or five candidates realizing he bought his way on to that stage, i'm going to have real questions about our campaign finance laws. if i want to be -- >> tucker: yeah, you may last points i didn't hear a lot of other democrats say anything about that. their principles went out the window. they didn't care that he was trying to subvert democracy because he was on their side. look at bloomberg going to selma for the edmund pettis march. right now tomorrow there is an african-american set to be executed the civil rights community asking the governor to step in and to halt this execution. if he was serious about winning
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alabama, he would have came out in favor of that issue. if he was serious about just buying ad time. >> tucker: i'm sorry, i'm sorry. if he was serious about helping african-americans he would rebuild selma, alabama which is in terrible shape. nobody ever mentions. have you ever been to selma? it's in terrible shape. >> i have been there a ton of times, yes. >> tucker: why why didn't he spend a lot of money to people live there handed it over to maniacal dwarf, and you know that's true. [laughter] >> he is plenty tall when he stands on his wallet. >> tucker: that's pretty good. thanks so much for joining us tonight. robert ppateo. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: bernie sanders will have to turn the tide in a profound way and hard to imagine at this point if he wants to get the democratic nomination. is his new ad enough to do that? we will let you decide. we will show new a minute. bernie sanders is not the only socialist to flop last night. alexandria ocasio-cortez political allies beaten across
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the country. a trend. what does that trend mean?
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>> tucker: bernie sanders is going to need some powerful messaging, maybe even supernatural intervention to reclaim the initiative against joe biden. instead, he is trying to copy joe biden by tying himself to barack obama in a new ad. but the ad isn't all that it seems to be. liz lisa booth happy to have her
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tonight. >> hi, tucker. so this ad. >> tucker: tell me about this ad. >> it's quite interesting, tucker. this is also an interesting approach for the antiestablishment guy to now be taking to embrace what is the establishment. the ad takes down from three different points. two from 2016, one is an interview with glen thrush. the other is from the dnc convention when obama is trying to get sanders supporters to support hillary clinton and then from 2006, when bernie sanders first ran for senate and senator obama was out there supporting him, but, watch this ad because what's interesting is he tries to make it look like all the comments are from 2016. watch. >> they want honest leadership who cares about them. they want somebody who is going to fight for them. and they will find it in bernie. that's right. feel the bern. >> lisa: what i really think is interesting, if you have got the antiestablishment guy who is now embracing former president
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obama, it goes to show you just wh still is in a democratic party. you remember mike bloomberg also ran an ad trying to tie himself to president obama and also the vice president, joe biden's candidacy is essentially propped up by the fact that he was the vice president to obama, his first campaign ad that he ran which was in iowa, you know, basically was entire thing was about obama and the fact that he was his vice president, that he would be a continuation of the policies. also, if you look at his victory in south carolina and the exit polling, that was a huge factor for a lot of african-american voters of wanting to continue that obama legacy. so now you have sanders after, you know, a bad night for super tuesday elm bracing obama, you know, which i guess you have to do to try to win the nomination eventually. >> tucker: yeah. it's all biden is running on. is he not bribing about the bribes he took from credit card companies as they fleeced america. hillary clinton last not officially endorsed joe biden. she has zero data about how much she despises bernie sanders.
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yesterday gave us another example of that what was it. >> this was an interview on good morning america and what hillary clinton is doing is doubling down on comments she made in her hulu documentary. so, watch this. >> joe biden has said flat out bernie sanders could not beat donald trump. do you agree? >> i don't think he would be our strongest nominee, no. >> in the documentary you talk about his campaign from 2016. >> right. >> you call it, quote, just bologna and i feel so bad that people got sucked into it. do you still feel that way now. >> sure, yeah. that was my authentic opinion now. it's my authentic opinion now. >> clearly still not a bernie sanders fan taking jabs at him, which is unsurprising considering now that you have got the entire democratic establishment, you know, backing joe biden and, you know, clearly some still hostility from 2016. >> tucker: all the worst people. great to see you, lisa. thanks so much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: well it turns out the revolution will not be
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televised. it was cancelled for low ratings during yesterday's primaries alexandria ocasio-cortez backed several challengers to democratic incumbents, progressives. progressive lawyer jessica failed town seat moderate democrat henry cuellar. supreme court clerk two years ago he promised us socialism will win and supported sanders during his election cycle. he joins us tonight. ian, we are not here to hold you to past predictions considering we predicted repeatedly that joe biden would never be the nominee. you know -- >> -- we're not done yet, we are still going to win. wees just taking a little longer than we thought. >> tucker: is that true? before we get to the ideology, let me ask you, what is the potential path, sincere question for sanders to get the nomination. >> actually i feel pretty good about the potential path. if you look at the super tuesday states, they are overwhelmingly, you have a lot of joe biden favorable states. a lot of southern states where he did really well. from here on out, that's basically over. and the math gets to be a lot
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more like places like michigan, washington, states that look a lot more like colorado and utah than they do like south carolina. and that's going to be very good for us. it really reminds me a lot of 2016. except in 2016 we didn't have california on super tuesday and fallen so far behind that after super tuesday we could never catch up. look, the empire struck back, they were always going. to say the math from here on out actually looks pretty good if we can solve the elizabeth warren problem. >> tucker: i think she is solving her own problem. i read today that her staffer is arguing with each other who is the most privileged. they descended into a hellish spiral of identity politics. not surprisingly. let me ask you, everything makes sense except the candidate himself for revolutionary seems kind of beta. why isn't he pointing out that biden is the candidate of the neocons, the establishment, the credit card companies? all sort of obvious and he is refusing to say it. why? >> if you look at his remarks last night he did say that he will be hitting hard on social security, on iraq. today, just today he said no joe
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biden you are not the candidate of the black middle class. you are the candidate of the 60 billionaire donors that you have. that's really who is funding this campaign and who stands to benefit. he is going to hit hard. he is going to hit on substance. that's who bernie sanders is, like it or not. but he is going to hit hard and i like that it's a two-person race now where we can make those contrasts. remember, we did this before. joe biden used to be in the lead and then we started talking about what he had actually done in office and popular fell off a cliff. serious buyer's remorse yeah what about social security, what about iraq? what about trade. i would love to see the michigan ad and debate and start talking about trade and joe biden. there are a lot of down sides here for this guy. we have two months left. i think joe biden may have just had his last really great day of the campaign so i hope he enjoys it. >> tucker: last quick question and we are going to save this tape. i'm going to ask for a prediction. do you believe that bernie sanders would force a confrontation at the milwaukee convention? >> what do you mean by a confrontation? >> tucker: and i shouldn't -- i
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chose the wrong word and i shouldn't have said that i'm not implying anything of course violent which we abhor. i mean, that he would say i'm going to contest this? i'm not going to throw my support behind joe biden? >> if he has the most delegates going into the convention, is he not going to get behind joe biden just because the party says so. he says if joe biden has the most candidates, most delegates he will get behind him. i would expect him to hold out on that did in 2016. he have leverage and he has demonstrated he knows how to use it. >> tucker: all right. ian samuel, thanks so much for that. america's immigration system continues to reward american employers who import low wage replacements from foreign countries to put their own american workers out of a job. up next we take a close look at at&t where workers were forced to train their own replacements from abroad. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: chief justice john roberts has issued a rare rebuke to senator chuck schumer the head democrat in the senate after his comments threatening justices brett kavanaugh and neil gorsuch. shannon bream hosts fox news at night every week night at 11:00. she is also our chief legal correspondent. shannon, this is amazing story, for viewers not familiar with what happened will you reset the scene. >> i will recap for you. today abortion case at the supreme court decided weeks from now, probably months. there was a big pro-choice rally outside so the top democrat in the senate chuck schumer was there. and this is what he said. i will read you part of the quote. he says i you want to tell you gorsuch, and i want to tell you kavanaugh by name. you will release a whirlwind and you will pay the price. you will not know what hit you if you go forward with awful decisions. to one has indicated how they will vote in this case. he had a lot to say.
5:41 pm
the chief justice rarely speaks publicly. he put out a statement in parted threatening statements from this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous. he was not having it. now, schumer's folks have responded and said he was referencing the political price that senate republican also pay, not everyone is buying that including folks over in senator ben sasse's office said you named them, those are not the names of senators. you said gorsuch and kavanaugh. so it's stirring up a hornet's mess tonight in d.c. tucker? >> tucker: i mean, that's an ominous thing to say. i'm assuming he wasn't threatening violence. you always give people the benefit of the doubt. what do you think he was talking about? is there any indication? >> really the only option that you would have is to impeach. you can impeach supreme court justices. it sounded like that's basically what he was saying, hey, if we're coming for you, that's really the only way that you could be coming for a supreme court justice. again, his folks say it was in a reference to wiping out -- g.o.p. control of the senate and what will happen come election
5:42 pm
day. >> tucker: it's always about abortion. shannon bream, thanks for the recap. >> see you later. >> tucker: interesting. a week ago you will remember gunman anthony farrell murdered five co-workers and shot himself at the molson coors brewery in milwaukee. so far police haven't named a motive for the shooting. farrell had been fired earlier that day. a co-worker had said he had a long-running feud with one of his victims. according to farrell's neighbors he liked building guns out of mail order parts and believed that coors had sent people to spy on him after he hurt his shoulder in an accident. in short, there is no shortage of ways to look at the situation and find an explanation for it. but "the washington post" and plenty of other news outlets have already decided how you ought to view the shooting. the victims probably deserves to die for the sin of racism. today "the washington post" reported on the coors shooting with this headline, quote: news found on gunman's locker at milwaukee coors facility years before deadly shootings. according to the newspaper, which is now barely a newspaper, five years ago a noose was found in farrell's locker.
5:43 pm
the perpetrator never found and nooses pop up in fake hate crimes than real ones. the article proceeds to list a laundry list of grievances from a handful of employees stretching back a decade with a plant 1400 employees. one work named giuliani claimed that the call him slam my as a joke. another found a racial slur scrolled in a bathroom and so forth. none of the incidents by the way linked to any of the shooting victims. if these things happened were they good? of course they weren't good. they were bad. it doesn't matter, the post is taking the murderous rampage of an angry psychopath and spinning it as an act of resistance against racism. that's not simply wrong, immoral, it is toxic and dangerous for the whole company and -- country and you should be afraid when the hometown newspaper in washington, d.c. starts writing crap like that. well, president trump traveled to india last week to meet with that country's prime minister. prime minister modi. one of the central issues at their meeting was the h 1 v visa
5:44 pm
program. it dolls out roughly 85,000 visz sass a year to move to this country and take american's jobs. that's what it does. vast majority given to people from india. as a candidate in 2016, donald trump called for ending this program entirely but as president that hasn't happened though the trump administration has made the visa slightly harder to get. so why is the program still around? why is it so durable? that's an easy question to answer. it's a favorite of tech companies which claim they simply can't find any american skilled enough or smart enough to do tech work. that's a lie. a provable lie. companies routinely use h 1 visas as a means to fire existing american workers and replace them with lower paid foreigners. often the fired workers are made to train their replacements before they are terminated. the process for the replaced workers is painful and humiliating. company executives tell them they are assigned to a completely new company to train for the role they once did. where they are not needed anymore, they are cast aside.
5:45 pm
we recently spoke to some at&t employees who were, quote, rebadged by the company to train cheaper replacements from india. here is their story. [phone ringing] >> you know them, you feel helpless and you just accept it. >> tucker: this former at&t employee spent nearly two decades at the company. a few months ago at&t informed her that she was no longer needed. >> i'm aware of at least 8,000. >> 8,000 workers? >> at least 8,000. it could be more. >> tucker: she is one of many former at&t workers who found out on corporate conference calls that she was getting what they called rebadged to a new company where she is forced to train a low cost foreign replacement. >> today it's my job. tomorrow it could be yours. >> tucker: she expects to be officially fired within a year. >> what can you do?
5:46 pm
>> who can you call? who do you talk to? >> tucker: many have turned to sarah blackwell an employment lawyer who represents american workers. >> what at&t is doing is they are firing them and having them work for the company so they are working for amdox accent sure and tech that hundred dr. and training their replacements there. >> tucker: one former employee training his replacement told us the new workers are all from one place. >> they are all from india. most of them from from -- some are from mumbai. >> tucker: our producers obtained shocking documents from the training courses. at&t and accenture. warn that indian men will not shake hands with american women. >> we are an american company and we are literally giving away our legacy. we are giving away our knowledge base. we can't get those things back once we outsource all of this. >> tucker: at&t boasts about its
5:47 pm
corporate wokeness outside its corporate campus in dallas. but the company gave its soon to be former employees a list of approved topics for discussion with indian replacements and urges them not to discuss india's human rights record or religious conflict in india with their future replacements. >> their goal is to offshore as much as they can to low-cost countries. >> tucker: many companies say that the foreign work visa program helps u.s. companies deal with the worker shortage. >> you would not see firing workers if you really had a shortage. >> tucker: many tech companies say that the hsb hires are smarter than americans and better workers, too. one former worker wasn't convinced. >> some of the folks is that we work are very sharp. we have some that they were dumber, we would have to water them twice a week. >> tucker: at&t for its part isn't going broke. to give you a sense of the company's priorities, it's spending $100 million on an extensive renovation of its headquarters. at&t's ceo randal stevenson makes nearly $30 million a year.
5:48 pm
that's nearly 366 times the average at&t worker. the outsourcing helps to pay for all of that. >> they said you do not get a severance package. you are not eligible for one since we found you another job. that's what we were told. we were also told that we would not get our annual bonus next year unless we agreed to go work for assenture. >> when you are watching so many people people suffer at the hands of a few getting rich and no one is protecting them, then people will stop thinking capitalism is the right thing to do. >> do you think that the people who run the company care about the workers? >> no. >> tucker: a spokesman for at&t denied that any of this is happening and assured us that anyone who has been rebadged can return to at&t at any time. >> they say many of those employees have already been placed in new at&t jobs. >> wow.
5:49 pm
where are they? >> it hasn't happened to you? >> it hasn't happened to anyone, i don't think. i think that's a blatant lie. [busy signal] >> tucker: it's infuriating and deeply unsettling by our producer charlie cuinger. it's been obvious for weeks that elizabeth warren has no shot at the presidency. why is she still running? is it vanity? a personal vendetta against bernie sanders or does she want something else? we will tell you after the break. ♪ ♪ pods puts you in control with our moving and storage solutions. pack what you want, we store it for as long as you want. then, we deliver it where you want, so whether you need to move or store your things,
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>> sean: we've been focused on the super tuesday results tonight but there is a lot else happening in the world. the coronavirus continues to spread around the world. now the world health organization has raised the death rate. we're tracking all of it and rick joins us tonight. >> the death rate is 3.4%, and now a state of emergency, a cruise ship with thousands of passengers head tad san francisco is being kept at sea, and some people are second, possibly, with the coronavirus. the first death was a northern california pan who was a passenger on the last ship's cruise. after the (says dropped the man
5:55 pm
and thousands of others off it headed back out with how to sands of new passengers to hawaii. 21 people, 11 passengers and 10 crew, are showing symptoms with a helicopter on the way. >> we will be flying testing kits to the cruise ship and sending those quickly wack to the state and primarily to richmond lab where we will be able to test very quickly within just a few hours, those samples. >> there is also a developing situation in new york where nearly a dozen people have been diagnosed with covid-19, including an northern his 50s hospitalized in severe condition. a friend who drove the man to the hospital has knot now also tested move with that friend's wife and three kids, demonstrating, tucker, its powerful ability to spread. >> pretty shocking.
5:56 pm
rick leventhal for us. thank you, rick. embarrassed elizabeth warren will not drop out of the race. why? maybe to hurt bernie sanders. warren hates him. >> i think you call immediate a liar on national tv. >> what? >> i think you called me a liar on national tv. >> let's not do it right now. you want to have that discussion, we will have that discussion. you caldwelled me -- i don't wanwant to. >> i don't want to get in the middle, i just want to say hi, bernie. >> okay. >> you're not a licensed psychiatrist but you're pretty darn good at it. what do you make of psycho drama around elizabeth warning. >> my baily wick is the psychology of politics and you can see a lot of this is
5:57 pm
personal. it is a matter of what drives us. for elizabeth warren, for all politicians and most of news life we're always looking to the pros and cons of what we do. if you have ambitious, you will think about what does next year hold, where do i get to what i want to accomplish in my life, she may be thinking about the establishment, if they're going to save the party. your monologue and everything you discussed yesterday and today is absolutely accurate about the democratic party trying to size itself and choke so with joe biden. if she thinks that that is the only path available to her and the establishment also wants to get red of bernie sanders, if he is the ultimate danger there doesn't seem to be much future, if she were, let's say, to endorse bernie sanders and get out but that would be the ultimate challenge to the establishment if she was serious about being a challenger to the things that have harmed this country to dynamics that need to
5:58 pm
be improved. so i think that if they shays in, clearly it drained part of the bernie numbers away, but if she were to endorse biden, i don't think her followers are as, let's say, passionate as bernies are and that could flow more support to joe biden. that depends on, i think she is thinking about herself and depend where she thinks she can get more bang for her delegates. >> so two details that struck me. one, she is running out of money because her campaign staff is unionized, which is hilarious, and two they're arguing with one another over two has the most privilege. it sounds too me like she is being choked, her campaign is being choked to death by wokeness, progressive politics. >> so is she. many people said it sounded like she was lecturing us, right? and left lectures us all the time. they're not only lecturing us because we're to do what we're
5:59 pm
told you about that specific thing we're told to do is dumb, like judge someone based on their sexual preference or skin color. america wants the opposite of. that we were based on the power of the individual no matter who they were. we hear this lecture and we're supposed to vote for her because who she is, a sliver, because she is a woman. and it repulsive, literally, it is repulsive, so you have particularly men are pushing away from that, women, she has had better luck with women but a perhaps because we're used to that kind of approach, we've been trained by the feminist movement but even the women are realizing that is a con. so she is the ultimate example of that i think, separate from hillary and she has got to make a decision. i don't think she is going to stay in and i think the establishment is going to realize that they're not going to be able to rely on her so much. >> it's a con, for sure. thank you so much for that, tammy bruce.
6:00 pm
>> thank you, sir. >> we're out of time it flew buy, it as does. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and smugness and group think, and there is a lot of it out there. have a great great night with the ones you love. sean hannity takes over. >> sean: there is a long list of enemies, no doubt about it. tonight the president of the united states, donald j trump will join us live for an exclusive interview. we will cover the latest from the 2020 election, the coronavirus and so much more. we begin went to what is a shocking statement from the senate minority leader chuck schumer and what can be described as rage-filled speech, schumer apparently issued a violent threat to two u.s. supreme court justices prior to a ruling on an abortion case. take a look. >> i want to tell you gore such, i want to tell you kavanaugh, you have released the whirl wind
6:01 pm
and you will pay the price.


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